What is Speed Friendship+?

Speed Friendship+ is a social activity created by NOiZU for the community that seeks new connections among like-minded attendees.
After 2 years of lockdown, it is becoming harder for some of us to find new friends or connections as events & gatherings are limited.
NOiZU strives to break the ice and grow the community further by creating and strengthening bonds! 

How to join.

    1. Attendees must be registered and check-in at NOiZUCON 2022 to participate.
    2. Let us know your interest by filling up the form below.
    3. Speed Friendship+ will occur at the Millenium Room, in the Extension Foyer.
    4. There are 2 sessions per day. (30 pax per session)
      12PM – 2.30PM
      3PM – 5.30PM
    5. Attend the session of your selected time.
    6. Each participant has 5 minutes per meeting & exchange seats once the time is up.
      Our staff will be the timekeeper so you don’t have to worry!
    7. Make sure to fully utilize the time and socialize!