How to join
Where to win


Please make sure you have signed up for your entry pass and received your secured log-in details on the app. The app is the single most important infomation and participation point in the event.

When you arrive at the event, proceed to the check-in center to collect your pass and your first NOIZUCON Lanyard Merc.

Where are the goodies?

In order to provide a better experience for attendees and showcases, Noizucon will have a private QR Scanner on the app for you to collect NOIZU Points and participate in various different lucky draws, and activities as well as to redeem vouchers for the event’s fun items.

Where to find the QR Codes?

1. Each showcase in the event will have a (or more) QR Code designated on the table or the showcase area.

2. Each exhibitor or showcase participant will also have their own limited QR Code on their tag. Ask and talk to the owners about the QR Scan.
Some showcase exhibitors may request you to do something or purchase something to get the QR Code from them so feel free to ask.

3. During some activities on the stage a time-limited/event-specific QR Code will be splashed on the LED Screen for you to scan. These codes may or may not
be for a special lucky draw.

Where to find the TIME-LIMITED codes.
a. During each session of the seminar. And some performances on the stage.
b. At Medibeats showcase where they will have a treasure hunt with the QR.
c. The treasure hunt QR Code activity is to be held once a day.

The information about this availability will be announced in your personal portal.

About the QR Codes.

1. As you go around the event space start scanning for the QR code, each code will provide you with 1 point regardless of where it comes from.
2. Each code can only be scanned once for points redemption.
3. Points collection will be refreshed each day.
4. Points redemption will be at the main check-in counter.

Here is what is available during the event.

Key Area of wins.

1. Mousepad party

Collect 100 NOIZU QR POINTS for the Mousepad Party with Flava, King Angel, and Steven Bones
The hosts of NOiZUCON 2022 Experience the Game. This is just a qualification point.
The points collected can be used for redemption for free giveaways.

2. Check out what the showcases have individually for offers.

3. Medibeats VR Treasure Hunt. Find the QR code in Medibeats Virtual World.

4. 1 Day 1-time treasure Hunt. 5 Special QR CODE DESIGNATE TREASURE HUNT will be placed along the event space.
Collect all 5 and claim your very own NOIZUCON HEADREST. First come First Serve Only 10 winners.

5. More to come.

Please note:

1. In order for you to enter NOIZUCON 2022 you will need to sign up for your entry pass pre-event.
2. Please refrain from signing up last minute in the event hall as all registration are subject to SMS validation and SMS gateway may be delayed in response due to heavy congestion on the event day.
3. When you first arrive at the Check-in counter. You will be required to check in to receive your welcome goodie bag as well as your event lanyard and personalize badge.
4. You will be required to wear the badge at all times while in the event halls. No event badge means you will be considered as non-persona gratia and will be requested to leave the hall.

1. Sign up on the NOiZU portal as a member with your phone number.
2. Once you press signup, request for SMS TAG authentication code to verify your registration.
3. Press confirm.
4. Once you get your login details, Your personal NOIZU PORTAL is set. Please come back on the event date to check on the event content on the link.
5. Check in when you arrive at the registration counter to get your welcome totebag.
6. You’re all set!

Other easy-get giveaways.

1. Early Bird Giveaway both day

a. Early bird check-in attendees will be given a limited special item and a QR Code to with NOIZUCON AUTHENTIC MERCHANDISE LUCKY DRAW.
b. First 100 arrivals will get an early bird giveaway.

2. Gorilla Mini Game

Win GORILLA drinks and merchandise when you join the GORILLA minigame.

3. Lucky Spin

Redeem a chance to spin the wheel with NOIZU QR Points and win prizes!

4. Competition Opinion Form

Noizu Ka-Chak! Event Photography Competition, Jom OEKAKI! Fanart Competition,
Let’s Coswalk Runway Competition, Ready Cosp!ay 4 Skit Competition,
V-idol Singing Competition Season 2

Have a say and win a prize for each Competition Opinion Form.
Form will be online at the start of each competition session.

5. Feedback Form Lucky Draw

Fill in the feedback form for each day and stand a chance to participate in a special lucky draw after the mousepad party.

6. Mousepad Party Part 2 with Flava, King Angel and Steven Bones
The hosts of NOiZUCON 2022 Experience the Game.

Win the Grand Prize!

7. Please come back before event for more updates on where to win! – TBA

Updated – 1:45PM 03/10/2022