The annual Fan Art competition is back! Bigger, better and more challenging!

Are you an Artist? When and how did you learn to draw? Did you pick up that pencil and begin sketching on your school notebook?
Or did you go straight to the nearest gadget and draw digitally? Think you’ve got the skills?

Show off your talent and skills and be crowned the Oekaki Champion!

Your style may be simple, or flamboyant, or full of difficult techniques. Whatever your approach, we want the world to see it!
It’s time to bring your art into the light!


Submissions are closed!


How to join.

    1. Participants must register to NOiZUCON 2022 FIRST before applying for our competition.
    2. Fill up the competition registration form to confirm your participation.

    3. Create a Fan Art of Noizucon 2022 with Glitch-chan! Art courtesy of Ringosan.
      Click here for character reference.
    4. Upload your artwork to your google drive or dropbox.
    5. The organizing team will contact you to collect your submission.



Meet the Competition judges







    • Fanart Theme: Noizucon 2022 with Glitch-chan!
    • Participants must fill in the registration form before submitting their entry.
    • We will be accepting submissions between 24/08/2022 and 30/09/2022 11:59PM.
    • Artists are allowed to submit as many entries as they wish.
    • Please use the hashtag #noizucon2022 #JOMOEKAKI #noizu2022withglitch 
    • ONLY digital art is accepted.
    • Wrong submissions will NOT be entertained.
    • Please create NEW artwork submissions only.
    • Minimum image resolutions are 1500×1500, with 300dpi in PNG format.
    • Please make sure you follow the format, any unclear or pixelated submissions will be rejected.
    • Strictly NO NSFW content.
    • All entries will be judged by NOiZU’s selected judges between 01/10/2022 and 07/10/2022 .
    • Judges decisions are final. 
    • Winners will be announced on 16th October, 2022 and contacted via e-mail/call. Please respond within 24 hours.
    • Late responses will NOT be entertained and prize will automatically be forfeited.
    • Only winners can claim their prize. 3RD PARTY representatives will NOT be accepted.
    • If Winner is unable to claim their prize at Noizucon 2022 event, please inform us.
    • By entering this contest, NOiZU has permission to post your submission on our socials with credit to you, the creator.



   winning Prize   


RM500 + Wacom Tablet +
6 Months Clip Studio Paint PRO Activation Key


1st Runner Up:
RM300 + Wacom Tablet +
6 Months Clip Studio Paint PRO Activation Key


2nd Runner Up:
RM200 +
6 Months Clip Studio Paint PRO Activation Key





Creativity 40%
Colour Mixing 30%
Originality 30%
TOTAL 100%



Good Luck!

Submissions are closed!